Professional Pin-Up 2013

AIAS & AIA Presidents
AIAS & AIA Presidents at the Pin-Up

Eugene, Ore., Feb. 20, 2013 — At 6:00 p.m.,  AIA Southwestern Oregon Chapter professionals from five local architecture firms presented their projects to University of Oregon architecture students.

A table of pizzas from Track Town, filled the bellies of students, professors and professionals. This provided fuel for the presentations and presentation questions to come.

The presentations were highly interactive, with students asking questions and providing criticisms. But the students were not the only ones providing this.

A set of interior design students that were asked to create concepts for the Octagon, presented to the professionals.  The students received both friendly and animated questions and criticisms.

Those students that helped set up, and those that hung around to talk to the professionals, found that they were warmly encouraged to converse more intimately.

The events that AIAS sets up are geared to connect students to professionals. It is up to the students to take that extra step to connect with the professionals personally. Those that go for it, find a very pleasant reward for their efforts. Connections are important.

For pictures of the event, find the 2013 Pin-Up in the event log and scroll down. Or click here.

For a video of the event, by AIA-SWO, click here.



General Meeting — Housing Q & A


General Meeting — Housing Q & A

Differentiate yourself in the competitive job market. Be knowledgable about affordable housing, neighborhood planning, and low income communities.

Learn more about MIchael Pyatok

Learn more about Michael Fifield

Trivia Night!

Trivia Night Tickets are now on sale. We  will have a table in front of LA room 206 every weekday from 12pm-1pm. Tickets are 3 dollars. Get them while you still can! Limited numbers are available!

Additionally, T-shirt will be sold as well. $15 check or cash. $8 for official AIAS Members


Congratulations to the new 2012-2013 Elects! We have a fantastic new Executive board for the next school year.
Can’t wait for you to take the reins:

Madam President Regan Greenhill

Mr. Vice President Ian Scott

Treasurer Yana Stannik

Secretary Carolyn Lieberman

Historian Matt Moyano

Director of Public Relations Bonnie Dominguez

Director of Fundraising Tessa Crespo!

Hello, Hello!

Yes, we realize we are behind on updates, but we have good reason!

AIAS is planning Trivia Night, and what a fabulous event it will be! We hope you can all make it! If you want more information, check out our EVENT page for TRIVIA NIGHT.

In addition, don’t forget about tomorrows general meeting. We are going to have a great conversation on the Laser Cutter and talk about Elections for the 2012-2013 school year!Image


Starting Out with a Bang!

Happy New Year, Ducks!

The University of Oregon AIAS had a full break by kicking off the New Year with Forum 2011: Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. An amazing conference spent with students from all around the nation.

With all that inspiration, you have much to look forward to as we gear up for Winter term starting out with the Kick-Off Meeting next Friday, January 21 @ Noon. (Room information to follow)

We have a few exiting things happening this term including the First Year Mentor Program, Firm Crawl, a Reverse Crit, more Skype with an Architect and possible chats with students from around the country about there programs and studio cultures.
Keep in touch for more information coming soon!

Good luck with studio.